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What People Have Said About Superhandles...
Lamar Hurd
TV Analyst for the 
Portland Trail Blazers 
"I've played against and seen some of the best players in the country, including Portland's own Brandon Roy and many others, and I can honestly say that Jon's the best ball handler that I've ever seen handle the basketball."
Mike Rice
Former Color Commentator
for the Portland Trail Blazers
"The essence of basketball is handling the ball... In order to get your shot, you need to be able to handle the ball [and] dribble... I think Jon just does a marvelous job of teaching young people to handle the ball."
“I learned how to play basketball from you, so if I make it... you're the first name that's going to pop up!”
“Jon ‘Superhandles’ Hildebrandt is widely viewed as one of the best ball-handlers in the world. Through a combination of hard work, determination, and focus, he elevated his handle to an unprecedented level.”
Kyle White
Director of
"I think one of the greatest things about Superhandles is, he's not an NBA player . . . but he's a pro! So I think kids can identify with him more because he's closer to their level... When they see him in action, and to be up close and to learn specifically from Superhandles, it's invaluable. There's no way to get the skill-set that he has without hard work. You can watch an NBA game, and watch Lebron James or Dwayne Wade, and admire their skills and be like, 'Wow! I want to be like him one day.' And then you can come in and actually take part in a Superhandles camp, and see skill-sets that are along the same lines and in some areas even HIGHER. It's inspirational for a kid because they can say to themselves honestly, 'hey, if I put in the work . . . I can be a fantastic player.' And that's what Superhandles brings to these kids." - © 2018 Superhandles, Inc.